Barcelona-based Grifols Corporation recently built a state-of-the-art blood plasma fractionation facility in North Carolina. One of the Company's Directors commissioned Understory to translate its complex manufacturing plant into a site-specific art exhibit. The resulting visual narrative highlights Grifols' unique manufacturing processes and celebrates the Company's dedication to excellence to its customers, shareholders and employees. See Exhibits


In acquiring Texas Genco, NRG Energy acquired daunting square footage and a grand opening deadline. Eric Melzer created imagery that resulted in a fifty-three image exhibit that stretched two floors of their Houston skyscraper. The Understory narrative established NRG's identity in the new satellite office creating a cohesive branding connection to NRG's Princeton, New Jersey headquarters. See Exhibits


Cummins Power Generation was in search of a unique, artful way to highlight their cutting edge manufacturing processes and their advanced acoustics testing facility Sonotus. They commissioned Eric Melzer to create an abstract art exhibit. The resulting artwork supports their brand across three floors of their new Minneapolis headquarters and through licensed imagery. See Exhibits

US Venture Inc.

The 58000 square foot world headquarters built by US Venture Inc. needed artwork for their grand opening. They commissioned Eric Melzer to create imagery that would unite the four disparate divisions of their company on a tight deadline. The contemporary art exhibit he created successfully ties the divisions together and continues to support their brand both online and in print. See Exhibits

"Understory was able to leverage our industrial assets to tell our mission and vision in a way we could never have imagined."

- Jim Goodman, Cummins Power Generation Facility Manager

"The work Understory created for US Venture Inc. tells the story of our multigenerational company through contemporary artwork and aesthetically ties our separate divisions together in an original way. The work also helped strengthen our brand."

– Sarah Schmidt, Shareholder/Director US Venture Inc.

"My father and I commissioned Eric Melzer to create an Understory exhibit for Grifols Corporation on its behalf. We knew to trust his abilities because we had worked with him successfully before. His talent, integrity and follow-through gave Grifols a unique, contemporary exhibit that represented our thanks to the Grifols management team for their impressive, hard work."

– Ned Jannotta, Share Holder, Grifols Corporation

"Eric Melzer created a 53 image exhibit for our Houston offices. The imagery connected our employees in our many locations to our leadership tying the company together in a very unique way."

– Meredith Moore Communications Director, NRG Energy